Soap against seborrhea and psoriasis

Soap against seborrhea and psoriasis

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Donkey soap with cold-pressed vegetable oils and medicinal plants, which has a beneficial effect against many skin diseases, especially against seborrhea and psoriasis.

  • For dry normal and combination skin


With the addition of evening primrose oil and cold-pressed black cumin oil.

  • Soap and skin balm.
  • For dry, normal, combination and sensitive skin.
  • For dry and normal hair.
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Donkey soap against seborrhea and psoriasis with a lot of aloe vera and with the addition of evening primrose oil and cold-pressed black cumin oil.

ALOJA + (# 30)

For dry, normal, combination and sensitive skin.

This latest series of soaps against seborrhea and psoriasis, we don’t know which one in turn, brings a significant improvement of the formula that already gave good results in the fight against these two skin diseases. These two essential ingredients are evening primrose oil and cold pressed black cumin oil.


It is considered to be the largest natural source of essential fatty acids and other substances that are extremely important for the structure of human cells and for the elasticity of the skin, and which the human body can not only produce but must get them from the outside.

It is great for dry and dehydrated skin, prevents dandruff and makes the skin soft and smooth.

Evening primrose oil has a unique ability to penetrate deep into the skin. It is excellent in the fight against dermatitis and eczema. It slows down the aging process and accelerates the healing of smaller wounds on the skin.


The healing properties of black cumin and cold-pressed black cumin oil are long-lasting and are not considered oil for all diseases in vain.

What is important for us is that it is great for all autoimmune diseases, including psoriasis and seborrhea.

In this series of soaps, we added black cumin in the form of powder and cold-pressed oil to make its effect as good as possible.


Soap is used like all soaps, when bathing, washing hair and washing the face.

In order for the soap to have more effect, it can be gently rubbed into the skin on the affected parts of the skin and left to stand for 15-30 minutes or more, and then washed or not washed at all. Everyone should determine for themselves how much to use it, because during the use, they can best assess what suits them best.

The donkey’s milk with which we worked with this soap has a beneficial effect on the problem of seborrhea and psoriasis and on the skin in general. Also, in addition to all the herbs, we added a lot of fresh aloe vera to this soap because it is the best plant for the skin.


Soap can be used not only as a soap but also as a balm due to its composition full of medicinal substances. When washing, it is desirable for the soap to stand for a while before rinsing, so that the skin absorbs it as well as possible. We only say that for our soaps. We do not recommend doing this with others.

The soap can be gently applied to the skin by hand or directly by rubbing the soap on the skin and allowed to be absorbed by the skin. It does not need to be rinsed.

Before the soap is used as a balm, it is important to first try it only as a standard soap that is soaped and then washed off. To see clearly how the skin reacts to it and not to accidentally cause any allergies.


Soaps with donkey’s milk are significantly more expensive than soaps with goat’s milk due to the drastically higher price of donkey’s milk compared to goat’s milk.

The most ideal would be to wash the whole body with this soap. However, this soap can also be combined with goat soap to make the use of our soaps cheaper. With this anti-seborrheic soap, the problem is treated locally, and for the rest of the body where the problem does not appear, cheaper goat soaps are used according to the skin type.

If our anti-seborrhea soap is used only for the diseased part of the body and for the rest of the body some chemicals from stores or even pharmacies are used, the effect of our soap will be much smaller.

The body is one whole. The head or arm cannot be separated from the rest of the body. If baths, shampoos or soaps from stores that are full of harmful substances are used to wash the rest of the body, they will easily find their way to the head or hand and the effect of our soap will be much smaller. That is why it is suggested that our soaps be used for the whole body so that they can give their full effect.

In addition to soap, we also offer shampoos, deodorants for the armpits, face creams, sheets, we have covered the whole body and thus completely removed the external source of poisoning of the body.


Scaly parts of the skin, most often on the head, face and chest, but can also be in other places. It may or may not itch. It is made up of small bumps or spots. The affected part of the skin may be yellowish and / or oily, or dry and scaly.


It is caused by a disorder of the sebaceous glands of the skin. Causes include stress and anxiety, nutrient deficiencies (especially vitamin A and biotin), heredity, hot weather, oily skin, acne, rosacea, psoriasis.


  1. Eat raw fresh food.
  2. Do not eat dairy products, white flour, chocolate, seafood and anything that contains sugar or raw eggs.
  3. Fast 1-2 times a month.
  4. Eat foods rich in vitamins A, C and
  5. Don’t use commercial ointments for seborrhea, irritating soaps or chemical hair shampoos (as most do).
  6. Do not press or touch the affected areas of the skin.


The causes of psoriasis can be various. PSORIASIS is an autoimmune disease caused by a poisoned organism. It can be related to excessive consumption of bad fats, animal