Soap against acne and pimples

Soap against acne and pimples

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Donkey soap against acne and pimples, for dry, normal to combination skin, soap, and mask for face and body.

Soap with donkey’s milk, medicinal herbs, and cold-pressed vegetable oils against acne and pimples.

Soap against Pimples and Acne 5. Soap and mask for face and body.

It is necessary to try this soap to see how the skin reacts to it.

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Donkey soap against pimples and acne with a lot of aloe vera

ALOJA + (# 29)

For dry, normal, sensitive and combination skin

  • Soaps for acne and pimples are increasingly in demand. We are glad that they help people and especially the youth.
  • If a teenager or teenager is not allergic to a plant, there is a good chance that the soaps from this series will help a lot and will even solve the problem of acne, pimples or blackheads for many.
  • It is realistic that the soap must be tried to see how the skin will react to it.
  • The problem usually starts around the age of 11-12.
  • If you go the wrong way, the harder it is to get out of trouble.

We have not researched what others offer for these problems, because we look at our work and have our own methods of work, and our own approach to solving problems, but we assume that the situation is the same as in other fields.

It is very ugly to offer people something that does not work. Know that it doesn’t help and yet advertise as if it helps one hundred percent.

This soap is suitable for people of all ages who have dry, normal, combination or sensitive skin and who have a problem with pimples and acne on the face and body.
ACNE occurs when bacteria multiply and then the inflammation of the skin begins.

This most often occurs during adolescence between the ages of 12 and 24, when androgens (male hormones) are secreted in larger quantities. It happens in both boys and girls. Some people have acne all their lives.

Other causes are:

  • unhealthy diet rich in meat and meat products,
  • all kinds of sweets,
  • milk and dairy products,
  • carbonated and other industrial juices (especially energy),
  • oral contraceptives,
  • cosmetic products,
  • allergies,
  • stress and heredity.

The problem is exacerbated when sebum with skin pigments clogs the pores. Then the MITISERS appear. And if sebum fills deeper parts of the skin, Pimples appear.

Girls also make a big mistake during puberty, when normal hormonal changes occur by covering their face with powder to make their face look beautiful and clean. They often do it for no reason to look like ladies on small screens.

Instead of taking a little care of their diet and letting their face clean itself, they apply the tactic of “plastering” their faces and thus create predispositions for the circle without stopping.

And then they enter the vicious circle of hell called powders and other chemical cosmetics for the face.

They are “plastered” with powder and close the pores. One might now say, “But I use expensive and high-quality powders.”

Well, you see, mortar can be cheap and of poor quality, and it can be expensive and of good quality.

By “plastering” the face, toxins that should come out of the face through sweat remain trapped in the face and an excellent environment for the development of bacteria is created.

It’s similar to being with yourself in the house. If the room is regularly ventilated and cleaned, there will be no problems. But if the room is not ventilated and even if the windows are walled up, and more plaster is added to the outer walls, after a while it will be an awkward place.


Stop using any cosmetics, especially powders. Start washing your face with soap in the morning and evening. The face is lightly soaped, so that the skin absorbs the soap as well as possible, and then washed.

It is necessary to monitor the situation and on that basis determine whether the person should be washed less often or more often.

Donkey’s milk from soap is responsible for softening the skin and restoring its elasticity. That is why it is necessary to hold it on the face for a little longer in order for the skin to absorb it nicely.


After a while, the soap can be applied in a thin layer on the face like a mask and kept for about 20 minutes (gradually it can be kept longer), and then the face is washed. Also, soap can be soaped in the evening and washed off only in the morning. The face is washed in the morning and nothing is put on all day. This can be done once or twice a week.

You should monitor the situation and determine the pace at which to use the soap. Also, the point is not to plaster the face with soap instead of powder, cream or balm, but to make it a means of “cleaning the house” and opening “windows for ventilation”.


Whether you are a man or a woman, soap can be applied to the face by hand, but the best way is with a cosmetic brush or SHAVING BRUSH, because it is the best way to spread the soap on the face. You can never smear soap on your face so nicely with your hand.

You can buy a shaving brush in all major perfumeries. Prices range from 500 to 800 dinars. It is important that the brush is gentle and does not scratch you. Don’t buy rough pig hair brushes.

As for acne on the body, it is enough to use only body wash soap and no other shampoos, baths or preparations.


Since soap is full of herbs, oils and milk, it can happen that someone is allergic to some of it. But very often people who have been told by doctors that they are allergic to a plant do not have problems with our soaps because that plant is not alone, but is in a mass of other ingredients.

It rarely happens to be done in the beginning to sap