Coco Argan – face soap

Coco Argan – face soap

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Donkey soap from the Coco Argan series for dry and sensitive facial skin

Donkey milk soap enriched with argan oil, cold-pressed coconut oil, and aloe vera for dry and sensitive facial skin.

This face soup provides natural anti-aging skincare.

It’s fragrance-free, meaning it’s suitable if you have sensitive skin.

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ALOJA + (# 24)

Dry and sensitive skin

Anyone who has sensitive and dry facial or body skin when they try this soap will see that this is the perfect soap for their face. We liked it so much that we only use it for the face at the moment.

It is different from our other soaps. He is very gentle. The skin will be phenomenal from it. Anyone who hasn’t used our soaps until they try can’t know that feeling.

Argan oil which is otherwise very expensive really does the job. We would work a lot with it but due to its high price soaps only with it are not competitive and would be too expensive for our market.

So we use it to a lesser extent in combination with other cold-pressed vegetable oils. But despite that, it gives a significant quality to the soap. It is felt exactly on the skin. So expect another series called KOKO ARGAN in the coming period

INGREDIENTS: Extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil, cold pressed castor oil, argan oil, DONKEY MILK, aloe vera +, lemon juice.