Can I use CBD with medication?

Can I use CBD with medication?

Always speak to your doctor before taking CBD alongside any medication. Even though CBD can’t be discussed in relation to medicinal properties due to its current legal status, it still interacts with the human body in ways which need to be considered.

The most significant manner in which CBD needs to be considered in relation to medication is its inhibition of the enzyme P450. Essentially, this means that certain medications aren’t able to be metabolised as fast as before, so you’ll need to be a little more careful with your dosages.

If that sounds concerning, bear in mind that it’s the exact same effect that grapefruit has on your enzymes. That’s why certain medication will advise you to not eat grapefruit whilst taking it. In fact, you can use that as a good baseline to know whether it’s advisable to take CBD with it. By inhibiting the production of P450, the most widespread effect is that certain drugs and medication will linger in the bloodstream longer. Since this is difficult to predict with any precision, it’s best to check with your doctor about any potential interactions.



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