Can I take CBD abroad?

Can I take CBD abroad?

Our key piece of advice would be to check what customs have to say about your travel destination, since the law surrounding CBD differs so much between countries.

On the Visa HQ website you can find a comprehensive breakdown of custom laws by region. Keep in mind that if you have any stopovers, you’ll need to check the laws in that country as well.

 The legality of THC

The main issue you’ll face when flying is the presence of THC. This leads to a scenario where CBD oil can be legal in two countries but with different limitations.

Our main advice would be to buy Pure CBD products, which guarantees a lack of THC. Since THC is the primary psychotropic ingredient found in cannabis, that’s what most countries will be looking to outlaw.

One solution is to always carry clear documentation outlining what’s in your CBD oil. That’s why we go the extra mile and provide CBD lab results specific to the product you’re holding in your hand. Just head to our, and print off the test result for peace of mind.

Flying internationally covers so many potential laws that it’s difficult to make a definitive statement. Even if the country you’re flying to has legalised CBD oil, customs officers might not be informed about the distinction between legal and illegal CBD oils. As ever, documentation is important.

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