Sibaritas Cannabis Club

Sibaritas Cannabis Club

Sibaritas Cannabis Club, the new smokers association located 200 meters from Plaza Lesseps, a place decorated in the style of Californian dispensaries

Since the spring of 2013, Sibaritas Cannabis Club has led an advanced concept of the therapeutic use of cannabis in Barcelona, ​​fully framed in phytotherapy, in harmony with its responsible and recreational consumption.

While hemp was used for artisanal purposes since the III millennium BC, the active principle of the plant, THC, has been used for other recreational and medicinal purposes. Today, in the middle of the technological era, thanks to the advances in its knowledge, it proves to be an effective competitor to alleviate various ailments against many laboratory products. The scientific tutor of our Center, Doctor of Medicine Don Modesto Guerola, a certified specialist in angiological and vascular surgery, member of prestigious scientific societies and author of the world’s first implantation of a pacemaker in newborns, occupies his research.

An authority in the field that objectively values ​​the most classic medicines, those offered by the plant kingdom, and among them the various varieties of Cannabis whose administration and use is authorized by current law.

Our philosophy is to offer a high quality index and inform the user.

In the first aspect, we only dispense products from the best crops, from selected seeds and under personalized attention. In the second, we believe that good information is the basis for responsible consumption. For this, we make a good number of national and international publications available to our partners, we organize colloquia, debates and conferences and, where appropriate, we direct the consultations towards the opinion of Dr. Modesto Guerola.

The facilities of Sibaritas Cannabis Club move away from the Dutch model to follow the latest trends in California, where we have been 30 years ahead in the applications and distribution of cannabis: open-plan, well-lit rooms, with bright and welcoming furniture and high-fidelity music , creating a very cool environment, oriented to socialization and gatherings. Our Center is not a coffee-shop or a bar – despite offering a service of soft drinks and coffee – but a social meeting place for people interested in cannabis culture.

Those who wish to enjoy a more informal atmosphere, however, have other rooms with more color, video screens, the latest hi-fi hits, games, table football and reading. Some of the best illustrators have worked on its decoration, whose graffiti evoke both motifs from California urban art and from Barcelona itself. In this space, reserved for the recreational consumption of our products, we will soon organize a program of live concerts with jazz, urban and experimental music.

Our commitment is to convert Sibaritas Cannabis Club, which emerged from a family project, into a reality capable of connecting the therapeutic use of cannabis with recreational use. Avoid exposing both classes of consumers to sneaky marketing by offering a 100 percent reliable product and reputable advice.


Sibaritas Cannabis Club

C/ Camps I Fabrés
3 08006 Barcelona

Call +34 932 38 0274

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